ATTENTION: Authorised Reps
  • Are you wondering why local media outlets aren’t knocking on your door begging to feature your business in the local newspaper?
  • Are you thinking, ‘Why isn’t my business the talk of town?’
  • Do you day dream about being the go to Insurance person in your local area?
Well it’s time to stop dreaming about success and start writing your very own media release. Media Releases are a cost effective way to gain local exposure for your business and broadcast how your business benefits the local community. Utilise the below points as a guide to create your own fantastic media release;
  • In your local paper locate the Editors email address and be prepared to follow up
  • Write from 3rd person perspective
  • Identify your target location and audience before constructing your release
  • Cram all of the relevant information about your Business into the first paragraph
  • Answer as many Who/What/Where/When questions the reader might ask
  • Include recent client testimonial
  • Detail the Why/How your Business can help
  • Include another recent client testimonial
  • Final paragraph should close with further Business background and call to action
  • Strictly one page in length – less is more
  • Don’t use long winded paragraphs
  • Avoid industry jargon and use of big words
Utilise the below font size to ensure visibility of your media release;
  • Email Subject Line – should be title of your media release – IN BOLD CAPS 18 POINT FONT 
  • Body of media release should use – Arial in 12 point font
  • Media Contact name and email should use – Bold ARIAL 12 POINT FONT 
Utilise the below information to package media release;
  • Include x 3 high resolution photographs with your release
  • x 1 action shot x 1 unique shot x 1 close up shot
  • Media release should be duplicate, 1 copy in body of email, 2nd copy attached in a seperate PDF file
  • Include all contact information and follow up with a phone call to receiving editor a day later
Best of luck creating an engaging media release for your Business! Remember, If locals don’t know about your business, how will they know who to call?