This is what consumers what to know before they consider buying off you. It’s not enough to have a generic company website as your sole digital footprint, consumers are no longer just using Google to find you, they are searching you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Consumers want to know who you are, what you like, where you hang, and who you know. Because the more information consumers can source about who you are, the more empowered they feel when dealing with you. You might be thinking Insurance Brokers are immune from this crazy consumer appetite for information, but i’m here to tell you we aren’t. Despite the instilled tradition of the industry there is a strong shift towards social selling. Digital communication will over take traditional forms of communication in the near future. So it makes sense to have a solid digital profile that is current and easy to source. Right now i Google everyone i do business with and i’m not alone. I have been told on more then one occasion by clients’ referred to me that my name was Googled before they called me. Referral client’s want to know what qualifications i have and even what i look like, before they call for Insurance advice. Most people do their research before they make contact. Finding a suitable person to do business with starts online first. Google automatically indexes names found on LinkedIn first, which is why LinkedIn search options appear at the top of Google rankings. Serious professionals make it easy for prospective clients’ to find them by having a solid linkedin profile demonstrating their education, skills and experience. For the small minority that shun creating a digital profile, it makes me curious as to why they choose to remain digitally extinct? If you are in a client facing role, (at the minimum) you should have a rock solid LinkedIn profile detailing your education, career information, contact details, as well as social and website links so clients can find out more information about you should they wish. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile click here for a super easy Step-By-Step Guide Create A LinkedIn Profile Photo Credit: