In this Edition of FAST 5 you will learn how to escape awkward conversations you may encounter at your next networking function. Below are 5 conversation pointers; 1️⃣ When someone cracks an offensive joke. EXAMPLE – ‘Wow John, the offensive nature of that joke was truely hilarious.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Sally it might be a good idea to pick a different crowd for those kind of jokes.’ 2️⃣ When you’re done speaking to someone who no longer holds your interest. EXAMPLE – ‘It’s been great speaking with you John, enjoy the rest of your night.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Excuse me Sally, i just spotted someone i haven’t seen in a while, i’m going to go and say hi, enjoy the rest of your night.’ 3️⃣ When someone is explicitly rude to you. EXAMPLE – ‘John, i’m sorry you feel that way. If you want to discuss further we can arrange another time to catch up and talk in private.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Sally, i understand we have our differences but i would appreciate if we could talk rationally. It might be a good idea to talk about our differences another time.’ 4️⃣ When someone mistakes your friendliness for flirting. EXAMPLE – ‘John it’s been great talking with you but i need to get home to my partner.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Sally i think you’re attractive but i have a partner at home.’ 5️⃣ When someone recalls the last time they saw you drunk at a function. EXAMPLE – ‘Oh John, come on now i was just having too much of a good time, that’s all.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Sally you make me feel like a celebrity, stop it with all the drunk bragging girl.’ Photo Credit: