Can Clients Find You?

Have you ever ‘Googled’ yourself? If not, how about giving it a shot now…Google Your Name Here
(Note: a new window will open to display Google homepage, click the back button to return to this screen)

How did you go? Did you find your name?

If you already have a Professional LinkedIn profile, there’s a good chance your name was at the top of the Google search.
Example Below↓

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 2.15.15 PM

If you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile yet and you have some spare time on your hands, follow the steps below to create one↓


STEP 1. Google LinkedIn and click ‘Join LinkedIn’


STEP 2. Complete your personal information.


STEP 3. Enter the postcode of your Business Address.


STEP 4. Enter your Job Title and Company Name – (predicative text will provide a selection of Job Titles & Company Names to choose from)


STEP 5. You are directed to select one of the options listed below. Every option will take you to the screen in STEP 6.


STEP 6. When you select any of the 5 options above you receive the below screen asking to import your full address book.


STEP 7. If you’re not super keen sharing your address book with LinkedIn you can ‘Skip’ this step


STEP 8. When you do click ‘Skip’ you will see the screen below, simply click on ‘Yes’


STEP 9. After clicking ‘Yes’ in Step 8. you will receive the below confirmation your profile has been registered on LinkedIn.


STEP 10. Check your email account to verify you are the owner. Below is a copy of the email from LinkedIn, confirm your email to create your account.Gemma__Please_confirm_your_email_address_-_gemma_breakthruin2_com_-_Breakthruin2_Mail


STEP 1. After ‘Confirming Your Email Address’ you will enter LinkedIn’s website to begin creating your profile.
LinkedIn will once again ask for access to download your Email Address Book if you click ‘Continue’

LinkedIn___LinkedIn 7.57.36 PM

When you click ‘Continue’ you receive a request from LinkedIn to access all of your email contacts, see below.


If you do not wish to share your Email contacts with LinkedIn I suggest clicking ‘Skip’ – The choice is yours.


STEP 2. If you click ‘Skip’ your Email Address Book is not downloaded and LinkedIn will suggest some connections for you.
Connection suggestions will be random as you have not created a LinkedIn profile as yet.
If you do not know any of the suggested connections, click ‘Skip’ to add your own connections manually.


STEP 3. LinkedIn will ask you to select ‘Channels’ you are interested in, see below.
Channel suggestions often provide insightful global news and information. Suggest selecting channels you are interested in to appear in your newsfeed.


STEP 4. LinkedIn will then direct you to download their ‘free app’ from the app store or google play, see below.
If you do not wish to download the LinkedIn app click ‘Next’


STEP 5. After clicking ‘Next’ you will be asked to select some suggested connections, see below.
If you don’t know any suggested connections, type a colleagues name into the search bar.


STEP 6. Search a colleagues name and connect to their LinkedIn profile, see below.
Click the drop down arrow scroll down to click ‘Connect’


STEP 7. After clicking ‘Connect’ you will get the below text box.

It is advisable to personalise the message you send to your connections.
Example: ‘Hi (insert name) nice meeting you last night at the Insurer event. It would be great to add you to my network on LinkedIn. See you at the next event!’


STEP 8. After clicking ‘Send Invitation’ LinkedIn will provide additional connection suggestions.
If you do know a suggested connection simply click ‘connect’ and a connection invitation will be sent to them.
If you do not know any suggested connections use the search bar to search your colleague or clients names. Once located click ‘connect’ to send a connection request.


So there you have it, the basics for setting up your own personal LinkedIn profile.
There is a lot more info to provide with regards to completing your profile 100% to rank high on Google. If you are looking for more LinkedIn tips specifically for Insurance Brokers Chapter 10. BreakThru Brokin is a top read click here to buy yourself a copy.