I’m not going to lie, Coaching or being Coached can be a daunting experience. Meeting someone you do not know for the sole purpose of sharing your struggles is pretty darn confronting. Initially it’s uncomfortable, but the good news is feeling discomfort is the first step towards your BreakThru journey. Below i share my 6 Coaching BreakThru’s; 1️⃣ The Coach sets the tone for the session. If the Coach is in a bad mood then the Coachee will question why the heck they are giving up their time to cop negative vibes. I like to begin each session with 5 minutes of random chit chat. If I have a funny story on hand i will lead with that, score some laughs before settling into the serious. 2️⃣ If you don’t know what’s important to the Coachee you won’t be able to communicate effectively. This is super important. Unless i know what what makes the Coachee tick, i can’t guarantee i have their full attention. Getting to know someone under the surface enables communication to flow. 3️⃣ Coaching is about learning not teaching. Coaching is transactional. I believe both the Coach and Coachee have an opportunity to learn from one another by sharing experiences and opinions. Learning is a process of discussion and reflection with the end goal being for the Coachee to stimulate their own lifetime internal coaching. 4️⃣ Coachee’s do not experience failure. Failure is a virtual statement. The word failure is replaced with opportunity, an opportunity to try a different way of doing something. Failure is virtual, it exists only in the mind. Coaching is about gearing your mindset towards productive thinking. 5️⃣ The Coachee is the expert in the relationship not the Coach. A Coaches greatest liability is what they do know. The focus is solely on the Coachee and not what the Coach knows. Instinctively Coachee’s know what they want they just need the assistance of a Coach to take action and make it happen. 6️⃣ Never set homework as a Coach. Sessions are a process of self guided discovery not a prelude to homework. Improved habits form through action not through reciting information. Coaching BreakThru’s is a process of trust and guidence with both parties ultimately finding the ability to let their guard down and be open to each others point of view.