Creating customer engagement online is fiercely competitive. Every business is vying for attention on social media and the ability to first capture, then maintain customer interest is becoming increasingly harder to achieve as social media is saturated with content. Knowing what content your customers want to see and what time customers are active on social media is the real challenge. So how do you know if your social presence is reaching your customers and what can you do engage your customers online? 1️⃣ Host A Webinar The prospect of live streaming a presentation to your customers might seem daunting however, it is a good way to gauge their level of interest in a topic and research the time of day your customers are actively online. 2️⃣ Online Offerings Creating an exclusive online offer for your services/products enables you to provide a unique advantage to both customers who are actively following you on social media while also encouraging customers to search you online. 3️⃣ Online Surveys If you are unsure what content your customers want to see from you online, conduct a survey and encourage customer collaboration with your brand. 4️⃣ Profile Customers Online Encourage customers to share their business story via your social media channels then re-target the content and share to other local business pages or online communities. This increases your reach online while also giving kudos to your customers business. 5️⃣ Actively Reply To Comments Social media is a fantastic medium when utilised in a positive way. Encourage customers to comment/like/share your content and always dedicate time to replying to genuine customer interactions via your social pages. Photo Credit: