Blogging is the easiest way to communicate who you are (your personal brand) to your clients. Everyone needs background to buy, so it should come as no surprise that potential clients will google your name to find out who you are before they decide to buy from you. The quickest way to showcase who you are and what you have to offer is through blogging. But before you start your blogging adventure have a read through the top 3 do’s and don’ts; 1️⃣ Point Of View – DO Respect that everyone has an opinion and we all share different points of view. – DON’T Ram your opinions down readers throats by being obnoxiously one sided. 2️⃣ Online Engagement – DO Encourage readers to comment and start a conversation piece around your content. – DON’T Engage with toxic hater comments, simply remove negative comments from your post. 3️⃣ Personal & Professional Social Media Profiles – DO Operate seperate profiles and only promote your Professional profile through your blog. – DON’T Provide links to your Personal profile. Clients don’t want or need to see pictures of their service provider getting loose on weekends. Blogging is a fantastic way to manage and curate your online profile. The above list of Do’s & Don’ts is a very basic run down so if you have any hot tips you would like to share whack them in the comment section below! Wait a minute… ONE last Do & Don’t just sprang to mind; – DO – Write when you feel upbeat and – DON’T – Write when you feel you have nothing to write about or share.