Motivation… it’s impossible to teach and even harder to put into practise. It’s a mindset, powered by a strong vision and desire to achieve a goal or task. We are all capable of a motivational mindset if we choose to be, but there are a number of factors that effect our ability to self motivate. Check out the 5 reasons people lack motivation below; 1️⃣ Feelings When people feel overwhelmed, confused or scared they lack the motivation and energy to change their circumstances. How a person feels about a situation effects their mindset and the perspective they choose. 2️⃣ Procrastination Delaying tasks is a more common then uncommon personality trait that takes hold when the urge to complete a task is out weighed by an urge to be lazy. 3️⃣ Time How you spend your time is just as important as what you spend it on. How people choose to spend their spare time is a good indication of a determined, motivated mindset. 4️⃣ No Reward Many people look for incentives or rewards to compensate for self exertion to achieve an outcome or goal. Many people lack the ability to self motivate in the absence of a tangible reward. 5️⃣ Fear Fear of failure is perhaps the biggest road block people have when digging deep to self motivate. Fear of what others might think or how they might act are all negative thoughts that cripple the internal desire to motivate and achieve. Photo Credit: