I will admit, Twitter isn’t for everyone but, for people like me who are obsessed with real time news, it’s the best social app to have. It’s quick, easy to search and provides a constant stream of real time info on just about everything. Twitter is super handy especially on those days Sydney peak hour traffic makes me want to pull my hair out (#everyday) I just hit up @LiveTrafficSydney and get the low down on that stacked northbound lane. So what are the other 5 reasons to like Twitter? 1️⃣ Access. It’s the one social platform where you can Tweet your fav celeb and potentially even score a reply. 2️⃣ Easy to Digest. The 140 character limit is the apps top appeal. A condensed stream of info in your feed allows you to weed out what you want to read, and what you don’t pretty easily. 3️⃣ Hashtags. I know everyone is so over the # but when used right, it’s a top search function that works amazing on Twitter. 4️⃣ Surveys. You can create a 116 character question with 4 options and poll the answers live on your twitter feed for a maximum of 7 days. This is a great way to test your level of engagement. 5️⃣ GIF Fun. Looking to express yourself emotionally then post a GIF (graphics interchange format) GIF’s are short looped videos that add cool character to your twitter feed. If you’re ready to commit to your own Twitter profile click Twitter and get started. Drop me a Tweet @BreakThruIn2 so i can Follow you! Photo Credit: gratisography.com