Email signatures have come a long way from the humble beginnings of a name and number. Today we try and cram as much information into email signatures that is humanly possible; everything from head shots, colour logos, website links, social links, industry awards and charity organisations, you name it we promote it on our signature. But is there a limit to what should be included? For all you brand conscience business owners, here are 5 dodgy email signature tactics to avoid; 1️⃣CAPS/Font/Colour Combo Alternating between CAPS/Font/Colour to communicate your brand only winds up creating confusion and also demonstrates your lack of design aesthetic. Unless you’re a graphic designer refrain from rainbow signatures. 2️⃣ The Sales Pitch Yes it is your job to sell, no it is not your job to sell generically via your email signature. Brands who fail to personalise their sales pitch usually fail the sale. 3️⃣ Famous Quotes We all have favourite quotes from famous actors/singers/entrepreneurs that we feel are inspirational. But save that Bob Marley quote you love for Instagram, not your email signature. 4️⃣ Discount Promises Promising a 10% discount to every person who receives your email doesn’t sound like a deal worth getting excited about. If you can discount everything 10% you can also load it by 10%. 5️⃣ Book Recommendations Sure reading is a pastime to be encouraged but your genre of literature is not going to be everyones cup of tea. It’s a good idea to avoid the book club talk via your signature, unless of course you have wrote a book, in which case a simple, click here is fine. If you have any ‘dodgy’ email signature gripes you would like to share please comment below! Photo Credit: