Cyber still seems like a futuristic word to most however, the future is here and the real impact of cyber security breaches are becoming somewhat catastrophic. In a world obsessed with innovation and artificial intelligence, our consistent urge to place everyday human tasks in the hands of computers and machines creates a safe haven for criminal hackers to operate. While the world of Cyber security is complex, here are 5 Cyber Crime terms to be aware of; 1️⃣ Bulletproof Hosting Is an Internet hoster who turns a blind eye to illegal activity taking place via the hosts connection. Corrupt bulletproof hosters will not share data or shut down a website based on complaints by authorities. 2️⃣ Mass Marketing Fraud Is any misleading mail, e.g. illegitimate prize draws, subscription services, lottery draws and insistent phone calls demanding money masking as charities and lottery services. 3️⃣ Malicious Software Known as Malware, these software packages are developed code that appear legitimate however are embedded with malicious code. A Trojan horse is a common form of malware. 4️⃣ DoS (Denial Of Service) Attacks These attacks are designed to disable websites and servers by directing huge volumes of traffic to crash the host site. 5️⃣ Botnet Is a robot network of computers that is being controlled and is infected by an online cyber criminal. Botnets are used to conduct DoS Attacks, email spams or distributing malware.