Everyone knows they need to provide ‘value’ to the client but the real question is how? Value is subjective, so employing one strategy across the board for every client unfortunately won’t work. One way to ensure all clients are experiencing value, is by asking different questions to determine client values. Check out 4 value injection questions below; 1️⃣ ‘If you don’t mind me asking, why did you buy that new BMW?’ Clients buy a new car because they value the features of the vehicle, how it looks and how it drives. Clients want to protect their valued assets, which is the sole reason they buy insurance. When you show interest in the clients purchase, whether it be a home or a car, you unlock why they value certain items over others which, moves the conversation away from price and straight towards value. 2️⃣ ‘What specifically are you looking for in an Insurance Policy?’ You need to know what the client is looking for, ‘what they value’, before you sell the benefits of an Insurance policy. Clients see immediate risk, e.g. motor accident, loss of rent, which is why they look to buy insurance as a safeguard. Selling a policy with additional features and benefits to cover additional risks will only diminish your value as a Broker and be seen by the client has a rip off. Over selling is a crime and also the number one culprit of price driven conversations. 3️⃣ ‘How do you prefer to be contacted?’ Knowing how the client likes to communicate is vital. Some clients may prefer contact via email, phone, text, whatsapp or fb messenger. Your preferred method of contact might be email, but the client hates email and never checks their inbox. This is why it’s important you ask the question. Giving the client a choice shows that you value their time and reinforces that you are invested in building a long term business relationship. 4️⃣ ‘I have been a Broker for __ years and in my experience, I know what happens when you don’t have the right insurance coverage.’ Showing the client your experience provides value and strengthens the basic trust needed to build an authentic working relationship. Promoting yourself as an experienced and trusted advisor is the most fundamental value you can provide. This question also provides an opportunity to discuss the claims process. Photo Credit: gratisography.com