I didn’t know the first thing about publishing before i decided to shop around my manuscript for BreakThru Brokin. I had absolutely no idea who to contact or who would even be interested in a non-fiction business book about Insurance Broking. Let’s be real here, it’s not like there are libraries full of books about Insurance Broking. I knew it was risk publishing a book for Insurance Brokers but, i believed the information would be a great resource for industry ‘newbies’ and hopefully encourage more young people to consider our industry as a career. If the book only ever helps one Insurance Broker it has definitely served it’s purpose. Now, here are my tips for anyone thinking about writing their first book; 1️⃣ Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and stick up for what you believe in. BreakThru Brokin was purposely written in a conversational style because i wanted readers to feel as though i was speaking to them directly. My Publisher wasn’t keen on the tone initially but i stuck to my guns and compromised on toning down the swearing instead. Even though i self published BreakThru Brokin the Publisher had some control over what content was printed. After all, the Publisher does attach their name to your title and they need to be satisfied the content represents their brand. 2️⃣ You should have a firm idea of the layout/structure/cover art of your book. Publishers outsource a graphic designer to design the layout and cover art but in order to present options they require a design brief. I found it helpful to write my manuscript in the layout initially because visually it is easier to see how the final product will look. Cover art (back and front cover) usually comes with a set number of revisions approx 3, so again it is advisable to have a clear design vision in mind. 3️⃣ It’s a time commitment. If you write in your spare time, you’re looking at 2 years from conception to completion. It took me approx 12 months to write 40 chapters for BreakThru Brokin and only 20 made the cut. I enjoy writing on weekends and after work so I would generally begin one or two chapter ideas, put together a draft and wait until the next day to edit. Everyone will have a different process but it took me a further 12 months to secure a self publishing contract including time spent waiting for books to be printed and bound overseas. 4️⃣ Always put your best foot forward, send your best & finest chapters when asked to submit your manuscript for consideration. A Publisher will ask you to provide a synopsis and at least 3 chapters from your manuscript before considering taking on your project. This first step introducing your manuscript is crucial, you want to ensure you paint a thorough picture of your manuscript. Submitting chapters you feel convey the overall tone and direction of your manuscript will hopefully secure your offer for publishing. Due to the niche of my manuscript i knew finding a Publisher would be challenging, and it was. Thankfully i am a pretty determined person and with that determination i was able to find someone, through word of mouth, that was willing to help navigate my self publishing journey. If anyone is considering writing a book and has further questions, i would be more then happy to have a chat, you can contact me via email – [email protected]