With the US Presidential election behind us it’s a good time to look at the key take aways from a social standpoint. While the campaign has been branded ‘The Ugliest Debate in American History’, it has also been the most prolific in terms of content saturation on social platforms. The US Presidential campaign created an abundance of social content that was streamed via traditional media outlets ensuring that even those who do not engage on social channels were still up to date with the conversation. So what are the four social lessons we can learn from the election; 1️⃣ Speed Is Everything Every time a candidate slagging match was in full force, a political meme or GIF was created on social mocking each candidate for either an outrageous comment or a reaction to one. The more outrageous the meme or GIF the quicker it went viral on social networks earning each candidate a slew of new followers. 2️⃣ Hashtags Are Hot Who can forget the two most distinct hashtags from both candidates during the election; TRUMP #MakeAmericaGreatAgain HILARY #ImWithHer Straight after the US Presidency was announced new variations of the above started to Trend on Twitter; TRUMP #TrumpPresident HILARY #ImStillWithHer Twitter also branded the election hashtags #election2016 and #electionight with an emoji election 2016, hashtag, emoji Hashtags made it super easy to follow the election conversation on social which in turn made it easy for news outlets to stay abreast and poll voter support and reactions. 3️⃣ Authenticity Always Wins Being real on a social platforms is rewarded with follower interaction and engagement. Just take one look at the unhinged tweets on @TheRealDonaldTrump and you will see just how effective being authentic really is. Despite Trump’s obnoxious and offensive comments, the public felt compelled to pledge their support to the unapologetic man who stood behind everything he said and did during the campaign. His social message matched his campaign message to a tee. it was real, it was authentic. People enjoy the bitterness and the chance to blast out an angry tweet in response to Trump! Hence the creation of another trending hashtag #LoveTrumpsHate 4️⃣ Social Media Matters This campaign has only served to highlight the power and influence of social media. It’s powerful because social is a free medium to voice opinions and engage with a diverse audience on a large scale. Both Clinton & Trump have an impressive number of followers via their personal social profiles, however both political parties deployed very different social strategies in their campaign. Hilary utilised her personal social profiles to promote and drive traffic to her campaign accounts and website, whereas Trump solely utilised his personal social profiles to communicate directly with the public. He engaged further by occasionally retweeting the public when an individual tweeted their support for him. Social Media enabled both candidates to control their message and provide a line of communication and access for the public to engage. Lastly, it is also worth mentioning this campaign has also demonstrated the rising number of digital introverts. Digital introverts are complete strangers who hide behind their keyboards participating in vile, toxic exchanges on social channels. They exist on social channels, namely Facebook & Twitter, because there is no moderator, no governing body to check what is being said and how is it being communicated. Digital introverts have created an environment online that allows hatred to be spread openly. It only serves to prove that no topic is off limits on social. The old adage of avoiding conversations about politics or religion has become non-existent on social platforms.