• Have you ever got the feeling a fellow Broker knows a little too much about your clients business? Or
  • Have you ever questioned why a fellow Broker would be so keen to talk about a client they do not currently retain? Both are interesting thoughts that consequently lead to one conclusion, someone is about to get snaked!
Every Broker knows that over the years clients will come and clients will go. The only real focus when a client goes is the number one burning question…WHY? Fortunately some clients will be up front about terminating your services and other times, there will be a snake in the grass. So what are the tell tale signs you’re being snaked? 1️⃣ Talking Shop When a Snake Broker brings up one of your clients in conversation, or creates an opening to discuss a clients risk. Alarm bells should ring the second client discussion is raised and you have never spoken openly about retaining the client in question. 2️⃣ Connection Brag When a Snake Broker states they have a connection with your client, whether it be through a friend or relative. Usually the connection is reinforced repeatedly as a way of justifying why the Snake has every right to attack as they believe they have a stronger connection then you do. 3️⃣ Fishing Time When a Snake Broker brings up details of a new Agency or placement facility the holding Broker should consider approaching at renewal. Suggesting a new facility is a tactic to see if the account will be re-marketed and whether or not to issue a LOA. 4️⃣ Discredit Deeds When a Snake Broker tries to throw you off guard by asking whether or not you are aware of the clients growth strategy, or future diversification/acquisitions. Discrediting your knowledge of the client risk is self serving and further reinforces to the Snake they are a better Broker for the job. So next time you’re present at an Industry event be aware… you’re in a snakes natural habitat!