What’s all this ‘Social Coaching’ about? You don’t need someone to coach you on being social, you already know how to make small talk with strangers! But Social Coaching is more then just face to face socialising in a room full of people. It’s about guiding your career in the right direction and growing into the best version of YOU that you can be, for both yourself and your clients. Still scratching your head? Time to check out the signs below; 1️⃣ At times you feel lonely. If you’re a sole operating Authorised Rep working from home you can, at times feel isolated and unsure of where to go for support. Coaching is a partnership with the Coachee. 2️⃣ NFI when it comes to Social Media? When you don’t know the social slang it makes using social apps and maintaining a profile twice as hard. You know you need an online presence but there’s just so much noise online you don’t know where to start? Coaching will help you re-evaluate your social profile. 3️⃣ You have re-occurring moments of doubt. After experiencing a series of setbacks, you’re starting to find your confidence wavering. Doubting your skills has become a frequent default setting when things go wrong. Coaching will re-energise your confidence and career. 4️⃣ That moment you hit a plateau and don’t know what to do next? Feeling like you have stalled and become consumed by an overwhelming feeling of helplessness with no real navigating skills to move forward. Coaching gives you the power to bridge the gap from where you are and, where you want to be. Photo Credit: gratisography.com