Why should you evaluate client happiness? After all, isn’t it obvious a client is happy if they pay their premium? In actual fact, a reward of payment has no bearing on a clients’ happiness and satisfaction with your service. Clients who pay premiums year to year can’t be bothered with the hassle of going elsewhere so they stay put, until a major life event occurs, e.g. birth, death, marriage, which usually forces clients to look closer at their assets. Every client will evaluate your services. It’s wise to evaluate how your clients feel about you so you know how well your current service models works. Here are 4 reasons you should evaluate client happiness; 1️⃣ Clients can always get a better deal elsewhere. If you’re not concerned with your clients’ happiness they will find another Broker who is. 2️⃣ Clients know what they need from you. Sure you’re the expert but every client has a different expectation of you. Be sure to set realistic expectations with your clients to ensure you never jeopardise their happiness. 3️⃣ Clients are always being sold. Marketing is everywhere you look and everywhere you go. Happy clients don’t tune into generic sales tactics. 4️⃣ Clients demand tangible value. You can’t add value unless you know where it’s needed. Open communication channels with your clients enables you to add value and happiness to every touchpoint. REMEMBER: Clients have a right to feel valued. Happiness is feeling value😃