There are times we all have a tendency to feel socially awkward. These so called ‘times’ usually occur in large groups of people where the booze is freely poured and inhibitions are whacked on public display. Now before you jump to conclusions, booze is not the number 1 culprit here. Social awkwardness can also occur at booze free events with large groups of people… so i am told. Now let’s look at the top 4 socially awkward scenarios that can occur as well as the aftermath; 1️⃣ The Over Sharer – For introverts this is the scariest person in the room. When someone you met 5 minutes ago decides it’s a great idea to tell everyone a private story about their body parts the whole room either bursts into laughter or looks utterly disgusted. Typically the latter will reconvene in a seperate ‘judging’ circle and share mutual disgust for said ‘over sharer’. 2️⃣ The Digger – If you’re non-confrontational, a person who uses words as weapons is enough to send you bunkering down in the bathroom. When someone decides to share a blatant dislike for another person delivered through a series of public digs at said persons expense, people either rush to the victims defence or remove themselves from the hostility. The digger is then branded the a-hole of the evening. 3️⃣ The Toucher – For personal space pioneers these space invaders suck the oxygen right out of the room. When a person is naturally ‘touchy’ meaning, they like to emphasise their words with wild hand gestures and playful slapping, it’s cool if you already know them but, when you don’t and there’s booze involved the loss of motor skills ends up looking sleazy. But hold the phone, there’s good news for the toucher, they usually receive a redemption round at the next event, given they don’t repeat the performance. 4️⃣ The Blank Look – For those who dabble in the art of ‘non-acknowledgement’ ego is to blame. When someone you have met numerous times proceeds to act like it’s the first time, not the tenth time, they have met you the battle of egos starts to boil. Professional ego slamming is a sport and for those who choose to participate the outcome is often dire. There are no winners with professional slagging matches only reputations that end up being over matched and under valued. Your best bet is to just walk away and leave the bank lookers to continue being limited by their own high opinions. If you’re looking to avoid any future socially awkward scenarios, and your in the market for a top read, grab your copy of BreakThru Brokin HERE and be a pro networker in no time! Use Coupon Code BREAKTHRUNOW and score your copy for less then $20 bucks! Photo Credit: