Colours evoke feelings because instinctively we associate different colours with different emotions. Generally speaking, when we see yellow we feel happy and when we see green we feel relaxed. When colours are stand alone they are clear to interpret but when they are thrown together with competing colours it creates confusion. Check out the below colour combos to avoid using on your website, unless of course you are trying to create a market for Christmas themed active wear that smells like Fanta! RED LIME Unless you’re flogging Christmas decorations go easy on the pairing of these colours. Bright red signifies romance and lime greens are often associated with conflict and fear. VIOLET AQUA If your into active wear i bet your wardrobe is full of these two colours. Violet is an inspirational and spiritual colour while aqua is refreshing and uplifts the soul. ORANGE BLUE If you’re trying to sell a truck load of Fanta, this is your colour combo. Orange encourages adventure and risk taking, while blue is non-threatening and peaceful. It is hugely important to consider the colour palette of your website as well as the appropriate colours to use to encourage certain actions. For example; GREEN for call to action buttons RED for next buttons ORANGE for subscribe buttons It is recommended you choose 3 different colours and use them consistently throughout your website. Photo Credit: