SnapChat is a fun social app that is gaining some serious traction as the preferred app for sharing video and text messaging. If you’re a SnapChat fan like me, the below hacks are some fun tips you can use to make your Snaps sensational. 1️⃣ Over The Limit If you have a lot to say but not enough space to say it here’s the solution. Simply add text to your snap then once the character limit is exceeded hit the dictation button (the mic button in between the smiley face and space bar on your iphone keypad) record the remaining text speaking into your phone then hit ‘T’. Now you can add that essay on your snap. 2️⃣ Emoji Maximiser If you want to maximise the size of an emoji simply select your emoji then hit the ‘T’ in the top right hand corner and use two fingers to drag the emoji to the desired size. Hey presto super sized smiley emoji. 3️⃣ Custom Friends List Want to send a snap specifically to a bunch of friends but can’t stand having to scroll your friends list to find everyone? A quick name change can bring your besties to the top of your friends list. Simply go to ‘my friends’ select your friend from the list, hit that funky cog wheel button, select ‘edit name’ then key in ‘a_’ before their screen name and that friend will automatically be at the top of your friends list. FYI only you can see this name change it doesn’t appear on your friends snapchat.