Retaining loyal clients is the number one priority when operating a service based business. The ability to connect with clients’ personally reinforces working relationships. How you make clients’ feel when they deal with you is extremely important because it not only ensures they continue dealing with you but, as an added bonus, they will no doubt refer you to their networks. Referrals provide a lower cost acquisition then prospecting, as your services have already been vetted by the relationship you have with your existing client. So here are 3 Simple Retention Tips; 1. Say Thank You The simplest of gesture has the biggest impact. Make it a point to thank clients; · When they call · When making payment · When providing claims information · For being a loyal client – clients appreciate history so recognizing how many years they have been a client goes a long way 2. Seek Feedback The easiest and most streamlined way to solicit feedback is to send out a satisfaction survey via survey monkey (or other survey software) Survey Tips; · 5 questions maximum · 4 multiple choice – not satisfied / satisfied / extremely satisfied or alternatively use numerals · 1 written request – ‘What can we do to serve you better?’ · Follow up Thank You phone call or email once completed 3. Social Support Your clients have social media profiles and so should you! The direct market are reaching your clients via social channels and if they can’t find you they will likely be lured easily. So what information should you include on your social profiles? · Linkedin is a platform to detail your work history and experience, it’s also a platform to showcase your professional achievements · Facebook is a platform for advertising your services and encouraging sharing of content to expand your network reach · Twitter is a platform for real time conversations, it is a place to engage with like minded individuals · Instagram is a platform for visual marketing, intriguing photographs entice viewers to engage with your content