In the 1st Edition of FAST 5 you will learn how to avoid thinking, ‘what the heck am i doing?’ before you walk into new business meetings. Below are 5 conversation pointers; 1️⃣ When introducing yourself to a new client always lead with a handshake and repeat the client’s name. EXAMPLE – ‘Hi John, I’m Steve from BreakThruIn2, it’s nice to meet you.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Hi Judy, I’m Sally from BreakThruIn2, it’s nice to finally put a face to the name.’ 2️⃣ When meeting a new client at their premises be open to making a comment about their environment. EXAMPLE – ‘John, you have done a nice job organising your work space.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Wow Judy, your offices look great, they are really modern and spacious.’ 3️⃣ To kick start discussions ask what the client needs from you and ask what they are looking for? EXAMPLE – ‘So John, what can i do for you today?’ EXAMPLE – ‘Judy, what Insurance matters can i assist you with today?’ 4️⃣ Quickly identify the clients premium expectations and payment preference. EXAMPLE – ‘So John, let’s talk price. I want to find you a great deal, but first i need to know your current payment plan.’ EXAMPLE – ‘Sally I’m really keen to find you a great deal on your Insurances. Can you tell me what your current monthly spend on Insurance premiums are, just to give me a rough idea of your budget?’ 5️⃣ In conclusion, clarify details of the conversation and get clear on the next course of action. EXAMPLE – ‘Thanks for your time today John, I will be in touch tomorrow with your quotation. Have a great morning/afternoon.’ EXAMPLE – ‘It was fantastic to meet you Sally and thank you so much for your time today. I will be in touch tomorrow to go through your quotations. Enjoy the rest of your week.’