Working solo isn’t for everyone. The ability to self motivate day in and day out can become a real struggle and can often lead to feelings of self doubt. But never fear, the below tips are sure to have you firing on all cylinders daily; 1️⃣ Plan Tasks At the start of each day write down what you intend on completing and prioritise each task based on urgency. If you’re not much of a ‘list’ person try maintaining the same work routine each day, e.g. return phone messages before checking your email. 2️⃣ Action Every Phone Call Begin actioning client requests while they are still on the phone with you. Email clients confirmation of the action you are taking and ensure you provide follow up phone calls at the earliest point in time. 3️⃣ Take A Lunch Break Leaving your work space to take a lunch break is key to maintaining clarity and focus especially for those working solo. Sure you might be eating solo, but the chance to remove yourself from your work space and take time to relax can actually improve your productivity. 4️⃣ Limit Social Roaming Working solo makes it easy to get distracted by social media. When there are no colleagues to gossip with the natural default is a dose of social. Try limiting your social roaming to one morning break and one afternoon. 5️⃣ Try Switching Off Work/Life Balance is a tricky thing to master but the key is understanding when it’s time to switch off. Unfortunately frustration is the point at which most people decide to flick the work off switch which can also have a negative impact on enjoying the life/family time. Finding your balance will be unique to you. Photo Credit: