If you operate your own independent AR website it’s time to look closely at the experience you are creating for your clients online. A user friendly website suggests that you are well informed of client needs and that you exist to make their life easier. Clients’ want to experience who are and what you can do for them the second they click on your website. Below are the top 10 elements AR websites should feature: 1️⃣ Your headshot. A high quality JPEG image should be displayed in the ‘About’ section of your website. Your headshot should also be consistent across both your website and your LinkedIn profile to enable easy recognition for clients trying to find you online. 2️⃣ HTML link to your personal LinkedIn profile. The ‘About’ page on your website should be brief, with clients having the option to access more information about you via your detailed LinkedIn profile. Ensure HTML link opens in a new window seperate to your website. 3️⃣ If you actively promote your business on social media, you should have clearly displayed social icons featured in both the header and footer of your website for easy access. Only display social icons for apps you actively use. 4️⃣ Website copy should be geared towards what you can do for the client not what the business aims to achieve. The language of your website is a reflection of you and how passionate you are about helping people. The best advice for writing copy is to write how you speak. 5️⃣ Colour schemes should be basic and consistent. All text should be black size 12-14 font displayed on a white background. This is the most visually appealing to a broad audience. 6️⃣ There should be a clear call to action on your website. What do you want the client to do when they click on your site? Do you want them to call, email, ask you a question? Successful websites direct users to take action. 7️⃣ If you are utilising your website for leads, make it very clear who your ideal client is and what you can do for them. 8️⃣ Testimonials are great but unless it is written by a real person, i.e. there is a photo attached, the authenticity is questionable. 9️⃣ Refrain from copying content from competing websites. Clients want to get to know the real you and what better way to communicate that then by blogging on your own site. 🔟 A Facebook Company Page is not a substitute for your own operational website. Facebook pages should be used in conjunction with a website purely for advertising purposes only. Those who contact you through Facebook should be linked back to your website for full information about who you are and what services you provide. Keep in mind you have on average 15 seconds to make an impact via your website before the reader clicks the back button. Your home page, above the fold, should contain a detailed snapshot of who you are. Lastly, your website absolutely must be MOBILE COMPATIBLE.