Does the thought of talking to fellow peers scare you? Are you often lost for conversation and struggle to be included? Do you feel out of place and awkward in social settings? If this sounds like you…it’s time to read the below networking tips👇🏽 1️⃣ Make sure you have a ping pong match of conversation Allow each person involved in the conversation to participate and share their views 2️⃣ Always stay on neutral subjects It might sound cliche but its safe to stay away from religious and political topics 3️⃣ It’s all about position Stand amongst all of the people in the room, refrain from isolated corners 4️⃣ Everyone loves to laugh A funny joke or story is always a good ice breaker, just make sure its clean and not personal 5️⃣ No one likes a space invader Respect that people have personal boundaries, don’t stand to close 6️⃣ Moderate your alcohol intake While free booze is a drawcard being intoxicated while wearing a name tag is not ideal 7️⃣ Socially connect to new introductions Networking is all about expanding your networks so make sure you connect socially after the event 8️⃣ Introduce yourself to the Key Note speaker/presenter or committee Make yourself known to the organisers of the event and the speakers, thank them for their effort 9️⃣ Break away from the herd Chances are you attend events with co-workers, be sure to break away and meet new people 🔟 Have a goal in mind Know who you want to connect to and what topics of conversation you are going to discuss Photo Credit: